TheMuseumsLab is a platform for joint learning, exchange and continuing education on the future of museums in both Africa and Europe. The programme started in 2021 has the aim to establish close and lasting networks between future shapers of museum concepts on both sides.

What TheMuseumsLab is about

Museums are part of societies; they bear witness to relationships between societies, countries and continents. As living institutions, they have a responsibility to learn from their history and actively shape change for individuals, locally and globally.
Together with 50 African and European fellows, over 100 lecturers, speakers and mentors from African and European arts, cultures and sciences, TheMuseumsLab aims to change not only museums but also foster societal change by addressing urgent issues such as global equality, social justice, and climate change.

TheMuseumsLab is a programme developed to support professional exchanges between curators, researchers, and executives, working in museums, galleries and heritage sites across African and European countries, enabling staff to share knowledge, skills and best practice and support their individual professional development. TheMuseumsLab is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming experience for its participants. We value and promote diversity, inclusivity, fairness and openness and reject any form of discrimination, harassment, and racism.

Key facts


Lasting networks between future shapers of museum concepts in Africa & Europe.


25 Executives from African museums &
25 Executives from European museums (Fellows)


The programme will be conducted in English (sufficient knowledge of English is therefore a prerequisite for taking part). In subsequent years, it may be offered in French and potentially in other languages.


Current issues and concepts of museum management, social impact and responsibility, localisation of content, as well as practical aspects of museums as institutions in the 21st century, divided into three modules:

Module 1:

one-week training online

Module 2:

one-week training onsite in Europe (Berlin)


two-week residencies in European or African museums

Module 3:

one-week training onsite in Africa (Nairobi) one-week co-working phase (The CoLab)

Draft schedule 2023

Module 3 & Co-Working phase NAIROBI Module 2 BERLIN Module 1 DIGITAL Kick-Off 2023 DIGITAL MAYJUNEJULYAUGSEP Residencies PARTNER MUSEUMS

Who we are

TheMuseumsLab 2023 is designed and implemented by:

In cooperation with

Residency Museums 2023

Participation of more partner institutions to be confirmed

TheMuseumsLab was jointly developed by four Founding Partners: the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Museum für Naturkunde – Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science (MfN), the Master’s Programme in Museum Management and Communication at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW), and the African consultancy group The Advisors